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Vetting Checks

Security relevant checks

Identity Check

Simple check ensuring candidates are who they say they are

Credit Check

An invaluable check on a candidate to understand any financial risks

Criminal Record Check

A critical check that forms the pre-employment assessment

Reference Check

A thorough check to provide assurance on the candidate

Broadstone Powered by Experian

Broadstone has partnered with Experian, globally renowned leaders in background credit checking. Security Employers can now access a marketplace of security professionals actively seeking security & event jobs, after engaging with candidates ensure the highest levels of vetting are completed by one of the largest companies in the world, all in one place.

Utilising the latest technology and sharing data between Broadstone & Experian, lead-times can be reduced from a possible 12 weeks down to just 15 days. Whilst at the same time ensuring an end-to-end hiring process is completed seamlessly and as swift as possible .

Security Sector

With Experian, Broadstone can offer security background checking on all candidates employed via the Broadstone platform either on a temporary or permanent basis. Helping UK companies remain compliant with all Security Industry Authority (SIA) regulations. 

SIA regulations require that all operatives working in the private security industry undergo mandatory BS7858 checks. Thorough and compulsory security background checks are designed to protect and reassure the public. They ensure high standards are maintained across the sector, and prevent unsuitable candidates from entering positions of trust and power. The penalty for non-compliance can be a fine of up to £5,000 per offence.

Who is for?

Experian provide security background checks for a range of positions across the sector. Including:

  • Security Officers
  • Door Supervisors
  • Event Stewards
  • Close Protection Officers
  • Security Supervisors
  • Security Dog Handlers
What is involved?

SIA regulations dictate that candidates and employees in the security sector myst undergo a 5 year reference check, in which all gaps over 30 days are verified. The background checks begin with a basic identity check, as even the most stringent of screening processes can fail if a candidate supplies false or misleading information. 

The check ensures that candidates have been involved in no unlawful or potentially problematic activity through carrying out the relevant criminal record checks and adverse financial checks.

Regular refresh checks are completed on active Job Seekers on Broadstone to make sure all Job Seekers are able to work everyday. We also carry out SIA license checks on a daily basis to monitor any changes in their circumstances that could jeopardise the integrity of your operations.

Ensuring that we can create a safe & compliant community is paramount. As the community grows, so will the focus on ensuring our marketplace is built on trust. 


Temporary Job Seeker vetting is included in the 10% transaction fee of the hourly rate paid to the Job Seeker.

Permanent hires already have an initial identity check performed when they first sign up. Upon, successfully hiring a candidate a staff member has the option of requesting a vetting file via the app. This triggers Experian to begin processing the data provided. A notification will be sent when the file has been completed and can be downloaded via Broadstone for your records. Checks are usually completed in under 15 days, but can even quicker.

A full BS7858 file is priced at £75 for a 5-year file or £95 for a 10-year file.


Any questions about vetting should be addressed to